Cleocifius - Grays - Nephalim

A pair of my associates were being harassed by a group under the leadership of Cleocifius, known to those here on HQ as UO. Cleo is the 'Holy One' (Daniel) or the 'Elder' (John), who authorized the Ancient of Days, Samael, to initiate plagues upon the Earth and specific people thereon. Cleo hails from 6d and is one of the First Ones - those first born to creation. As they see everything that happens (watchers) in all of creation - they presume to think they know without having any actual practical experience earned by doing anything themselves.

Cleo has no authority to issue any decree within the Son's universe. His arrogance at having done so speaks to the first definitive act of insurrection against the Son of God


The trail from the antichrist (the basest of men) tracks back to this one individual.

A few years back, I had decided I'd had enough of Cleo's interference and confronted him in battle. To my surprise, he didn't put up much of a fight. I captured him and nailed him to Father's Ring near Alginon. There he waits - impotent to do anything.
He'd come to Earth in a 500 footer in the company of his wife (Adrieen), their crew and a two ship escort. Reading back, you'll find reference to a prior encounter with Cleo and his red ship which generated multiple ufo sighting reports to Mufon in Vista California.

Cleo's contrivances were carried forth by his wife with devastating results for those  targeted. Again, I rose to deal with it but was restrained by Father from killing Adrieen. I paid a visit to their ship during the midst of one of their attacks upon my fellows. I dispatched five of their crew as I encountered them until I came upon Adrieen. Using soulfire I burned her to the point of looking like a piece of overcooked bacon. I did not kill her. On my way out, I blew up the med-bay denying her the use of those facilities.

A week later, I returned to find her in a hospital bed. Her first reaction to seeing me was understandable - fear. I told her,
this isn't your universe, this isn't your fight - walk away from it now while you can. If I have to return I will eliminate you and yours. The advice was not heeded.

The person that was of particular interest is also a First One. Unlike these cowards who have never been man, they targeted the brave heart who did not share their fear or arrogance.  This time, Father would not restrain my hand. I made the white angel.

This is a bilocation with a twist. The projection was so large that I could have walked several miles with only one step.
They saw me and they began to run. I hit their 500 footer with three blasts of soulfire. Usually, only one is necessary to obliterate an object. As this didn't work - I attached to the ship and started pumping in the juice until it blew up from the inside.

While this ended the problem of their interference's - a consequence soon appeared on the radar screen. The grays (600 to 700 shiploads) saw the event. They concluded that if I could do this to someone of apparent high status, what could I do to them? They approached me by mindlink stating that they wanted to 'survive'.  I told them to contact Old One and, in my name, say 'we surrender'. They did this.

I discussed the matter with Old One, he commented that their history was one of deceit and not keeping their word. It follows they could not be trusted. I set the terms for the surrender to be the minimum we would need for our own security interests. We would give them one of our old and abandoned bases where they would park their ships and live. We would confirm that their ability to fly and communications be disabled. We would supply them with the necessities of life until circumstances warranted letting them go home.

A problem that is unique to grays soon surfaced. While they do have leaders they are a hive mentality and most things are decided by committee. Because of this hivemind arrangement - when one goes nuts - they all do. This produces periods of temporary insanity.

They got back to Old One objecting to the idea of having their ships disabled. Old One commented that it appeared they were at the edge of one of their 'go nuts' episodes. I suggested that he turn the proposition around and put it to them to decide how we could have our security concerns met without having to take their word for anything. I felt that letting them come up with the answer on their own might have better results in the discourse.

I asked Old One where they were. He commented that they'd collected themselves into one location. I looked at him, and he at me, and we both knew the opportunity that was before us. A chance to take them all out in one stroke.

I suggested that the 'sculpt the field'.  He positioned his troops in a fashion surrounding them but keeping them below the horizon and their line of sight. We concluded that if they failed to perfect the surrender proffered, we'd settle the matter then and there.
It was so concluded.

Within a day of the event, my associate and I were overwhelmed by this intensely 'morose' feeling. The certainty of impending doom and destruction. I came to realize that this spawned from the remaining nephalim and decided that while they were feeling so bad, perhaps it would be a good time to approach them and offer them the same arrangement as had been presented to the grays. I soon discovered, there was no point in making the offer. At this writing they are preparing a last ditch showdown with Old One.  They have no military training, no leadership, and their hardware is no match for ours. We've perfected the skill of one shot one kill and many of our craft can take multiple hits whilst only one will turn theirs into the green meteor.

I do not enjoy killing but I won't shrink from it either as long as it doesn't cross the line into murder. When reason can not prevail, force is left as the only option. Over time, we've made several efforts to take these people off the field offering very reasoned terms and guarantees in the process. We are going to be leaving Earth soon to deal with the Satanic Rebellion and can not leave a viable enemy force behind our lines. It is time to secure the fort.

Caligastia 10/6/2005