The Perfect Storm

The Atmosphere

Nearly forty years of escalating, incremental corruption spawned by the Communist Left in the 1970's is about to come home to roost. A tacit agreement to ignore the 10th Amendment of the Constitution combined with the ineptitude's of Jimmy Carter gave the Communists the power they needed to drive the U.S. into the ground. In 1973, Carter removed the country from any standard wherein our money was actually backed up by gold or silver. Thereafter, we all agreed to 'pretend' the paper money actually had value. With this restraint removed, the Democrats were free to indulge deficit spending indebting future generations for their greed, evil and corruptions while, at the same time, seeking to impoverish the nation under the yoke of usurious taxation for Constitutionally illegal purposes.

It should come as no surprise that these same people took an oath before God and Country to serve, protect and defend the Constitution. Few ever had that intent and fewer have actually done so.  All are perjurers. Yet, in a country where our laws are selectively enforced, you can expect no prosecutions. Furthermore, as Congress was supposed to obey the 10th Amendment and there are no checks and balances, we can expect no cure or 'reform' from those who are themselves law breakers. When the level of corruption reaches 100% can it be fixed? Not by those who are themselves corrupt , Congress.

The Democrats have, for nearly forty years used public resources for the purpose of  buying votes from constituency groups who were as corrupt as they were. In the 2000's the Republicans, adopted the same methodology. The Party that once stood on principle is now as down in the gutter as their Communist counterparts while We The People are left holding the bag.

A current poll states that Congressional approval ratings are single digit. This means that 91% of the nation has no faith that Congress will do right by the country. More people believe in ufos than believe in Congress. When faith is gone - hope is not far behind.

This atmosphere is the first element of the perfect storm.

Next we have thirty years of Congressional mismanagement where the oil industry was prevented, as a matter of law, from expanding oil drilling and refining capacities to meet the demands of an expanding population. This isn't rocket science and the communist mantra of conserve conserve conserve ignores one basic truth. You can not conserve down to zero and four dollar a gallon gas is about to throw the country into a depression on the level not seen since the 1930's.

The inflationary effects of high gas are now beginning  to show its ugly head in food prices, transportation costs and, come winter, in human life. Many in the snow belt use fuel oil to heat their houses and people will start to die while the Communists wring their hands, give lip service and continue to do nothing except to invest themselves into the alternatives they hope to enrich themselves with as they make oil less and less viable.

The airlines will become so expensive people don't travel. Hotels, car rentals and a myriad of other businesses that thrive on travel will begin the march towards bankruptcy. Each of these produce lay offs with  the people losing their jobs and  losing their houses as the trickle down hits all but the richest and, of course, the limousine communists or the rest of Congress. Their meal tickets are already punched by the public - by force of law.


In the last few months there have been a couple of significant bank failures with predictions of 150 more to come. The nation's communists viewed the banking system as a point for distributing the benefits of their public fraud to those blocks of voters deemed worthy. The government mandated that loans be given to people who could not afford to repay those loans while We The People insured them with the rest of nation's tax base. No communist has ever succeeded in creating a socialist nirvana where the poor (mostly uneducated by choice) can have the benefits others work for. Yet, there is no end to their schemes of social engineering to take from those who produce and give to those who won't.

Expect to see runs on banks and, at this date, most would be advised to return to the shoe box method of banking not keeping any serious money inside of an institution that is likely to fail - with or without the government insuring funds. Their assurances are as good as their word and that word is worthless..


The prices of everything will be going up radically and in short order.  This has already begun and it will get far worse before it gets better. Stock up on food stuffs now while things are still cheaper. Using the Mormon practice of keeping a year's supply of food is a good idea.


Obama is a true believing Communist. He presents himself as a new hope when, in fact, he is just another bottom feeding politician who, in his first year in Congress, became a millionaire. Black Liberation Theology, which he supported for 20 years, is nothing more than a rewrite of the Communist manifesto with the twist that Blacks are intended 'by God' to be the ruling elite of the United States.


McCain is the evidence of choosing between the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, doing so is still a choice for an evil.
McCain believes, as do his communist counterparts, that the purpose of the presidency is to impose his will upon the people and to rule in abject defiance of their will. The Constitution does not figure into the equation.

These elements are about to combine into a conflagration of significant proportions.

Our founding Fathers placed several fail safes into the Constitution. Foremost among these was the 10th Amendment which limited the power of the federal government with the intent that we never develop a strong and abusive central government.
The Constitution is dead.

The next level was the vote. The founding fathers intended that the voting in the United States be skewed slightly to the right of center. Further, that not everyone was competent to vote. To this end, it was required that a person must own real estate in order to be a voter. The Supreme Court killed this provision, assuming they knew better than the founding fathers, and established one man one vote. In the doing, they repeated the same error made in Rome hundreds of years earlier and opened the door for the vote buying corruptions that are with us now.

The vote is dead.

The third level of protection was placed directly into the hands of the people via the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms.
This God given right has not yet died. The perfect storm may be the flash point that causes rebellion. In all likelihood, it will be a combination of factors but, if we are to believe history, it will usually track to the actions or inaction's of one man. Obama seems the likeliest candidate at this juncture.

The final fail safe is in martial law. This is the ability of the president to suspend congress, seize control of almost everything and to implement the changes needed. Martial Law 'is' a constitutionally prescribed form of government. Unfortunately, as Bush, Obama and McCain are part of the problem - none are qualified nor have the grit to do it. Furthermore, it is more likely it would be implemented against the people and not for the benefit of the nation.

Herein we arrive at the Biblical moments set forth in The Revelation Code. The code speaks to the arrival of a man and the United States will capitulate before him without a shot being fired. The seat of power is moved from Washington D.C. to Colorado. This same scenario applies to a fourth part of the earth or all of the Americas. The moment of this arrival is not given.
Regardless, I have a hard time thinking there is a logic of purpose in letting the nation sink into the abyss of rebellion and civil war. To do so only makes the restoration of order much more difficult and the international consequences would not bode well for the country.

The code is clear to the point that the things that are to happen are to strengthen the nation - not to dismantle it.