A Bible Story

There is a Bible Story about a man who had an encounter with an angel and his life was forever changed for the better. The story, unfortunately, lacks the details of the encounter. With apologies to Paul Harvey - Here's the Rest of the Story.

I was in the area on my ship. I saw a fellow passing below and gave little thought to him as I was occupied with other things. He was driving a half cart - one with two wheels - and had it loaded with items I assumed were for market. The cart was pulled by a young jackass.

My attention was drawn back to the man when I heard a ruckus of two voices, his and the animal's. The cart's wheels were stuck in a rut, not even a rut and the jackass was unable to pull the cart forward. Now a reasonable man would have gotten off, stepped behind the cart and helped the animal by pushing. Not this fellow. Instead, he took a whip to the jackass and beat him without mercy. Add to this, the man was portly and easily in excess of 200 lbs.

When he saw me coming down the road, he dragged his fat backside out of the cart and hit the deck on his hands and knees.
I took the whip from him and beat him in equal measure to what he'd done to the jackass.  I made him unload half the cart. While he did this, I tended to the wounds on the jackass who, incidentally, was grateful.

I told the fellow I'd be keeping an eye on him and he did not want to see me again.

It appears that the lesson of the encounter was learned.