The Son - Forty Days and Forty Nights

I've deliberately omitted mention of the Son and his current lifetime upon the Earth. I've done this for a variety of reasons. Foremost of these is the fact that it is not my place to make his declarations of identity. I will not do this now. However, a crisis is on the table at the moment and I am willing to share this with you.

Revelation states clearly that the Earth will give birth to a BOY who will be a ruler of worlds and will rule with an iron hand. This child is The Creator Son whom we knew as Jesus, Mohammed and Queziquadal. He also served purpose upon the Earth as Lancelot of Camelot, Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses Grant. He's had other noted lifetimes as well. The Son and I are known to each other.

The universe, refusing to acknowledge their own miscreance, assumes that I and Old One have corrupted the Son against them. It is much easier to concoct a belief rather than to acknowledge the facts.  Furthermore, they will not accept the reality that no Son of God has ever been corrupted, it simply isn't a possibility. Earth also is under a serious misconception as to the Son's role in upcoming events and so too is the Universe.

This child of man, will rise to lead his troops against those who would stand against Father. He will not do so as the exalted Michael, but as the boy. Another piece of information that I've withheld from public disclosure is the existence of another carving at The Lair, one of great importance. Within the Father carving, we've seen Father, each of the other Son's of God with Immanuel. When one stands from a different angle, the entire structure makes a different face,
The Michael carving of the crowned and smiling man. There is a third face which I've never before released, that of the boy. When one is standing on top of the opposing mountain, at exactly the correct spot, the boy that appears on the side of the Sphinx is also visible as an aspect of the Father sculpture. The meaning here is simple, Father is Michael is The Boy.

The universe, for a long time, speculated as to the identity and location of the boy. There are some, universe included, who assumed that as I have a son, he must also be The Son. If nothing else, this is an exercise in speculation and poor logic. Regardless, over a period of time, universal watchers correctly concluded the identity of the boy based, in large part, to the number of kids with whom I have had close and prolonged association. The rest was a process of elimination.

They have approached the boy a number of times seeking to sway him to their side. To date, he's rejected all such efforts and none too politely either. The universe's most recent attack upon Old One was designed to disrupt, injure or to destroy the structures that protect The Son from harm.
He has more than one TA assigned to him and Old One has a staff of four, two angels and two nordics who are with him at all times as body guards. He is the most protected individual on the Earth.

One must remember, while he IS Michael he IS also only a mortal boy. It has been Father's intent that the boy lead his troops against Satan et al as The Boy, not as Michael.

'And a child shall lead them'.


The universe has devised a plan, born of mortal circumstance to drive the boy into a state of desperation and despair. Then, when he reaches bottom, they will again approach him offering to exalt him above all others - from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the heap in one leap.
I can not give voice to the details and circumstances of this encounter.  It serves purpose to repeat something Old One said to me long ago,

'The Universe is a place of constant testing and being tested'.


As Jesus, he went into the desert fasting, cleansing himself, and preparing for the encounter and ordeal with Satan. He didn't know it would be Satan, only that the time of his trial was at hand. This trial comes again. Yet this time, it isn't Satan but the mainstream universal bureaucracy who attack his person and his integrity. The encounter will be as traumatic as was his encounter with Satan. The most reprehensible aspect here is that this universal contrivance is directed at a child.

Who then is worse, Satan and the Rebellion or the Universe?


It is difficult to express the frustration I feel. While I have some influence in the on going events, The Son himself is lost into the blood fever of the universe's contrivance, vision blurred and judgment and belief in himself shaken. Driven by my desire to inject myself into a more substantial role, I contacted Father. I was told, essentially, to back off.

'He must be what he is'.


I take personal solace in Father's words given in Revelation as a template of future events. You might be surprised that the universe has not read The Bible or other similar religious writings.
Nor had Old One for that matter until one evening when I wanted to discuss some of it with him.

The countdown to Armageddon continues.