On HQ, I've written about medical anomalies that have appeared in the course of my journey.

A few years ago, I was seated at my desk occupied with my daily tasks, coughed and woke up under my desk  having a seizure. I have no idea how long I was out. The left side of my face was numb and sagging. I realized that I'd had a small stoke. Oddly, this was not the first time I'd had a seizure. I had another one within a few days of receiving the implant in 1995. I wrote that experience off to my body making an adjustment to the implant and didn't give it much thought until the second occurrence in 2002.

Old One was contacted immediately and Laura, our medical practitioner, dispatched to examine and treat me. A close associate of mine argued that I needed to go to a regular doctor.  I told her that in life endangering situations my people would deal with it. If I wanted a wart or mole removed, that I would go to the local medical practitioners for - but for something neurological - I'd stay with what I knew to be true. She countered, "Yes But - What if You're Wrong". I explained to her - this is where the faith part comes in. Not faith in God, or faith in 'them' but faith in myself - that I've seen clearly and know I'm correct. I did not go to a landside doctor.

As expected, Laura arrived that night and every night for the next 10 days. I laid on a medical table (belly down)  facing a monitor. I could see everything that was inside my skull. The damaged area  was localized to a blood vessel that was seriously weakened. It stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. It had not burst, but it was obvious that I was a hair away from an aneurysm.

Laura's treatment involved placing a shunt around the damaged section of blood vessel thus strengthening it. This was achieved without having to cut holes into my head. She had a device that appeared to be a pen light. It emitted a blue light - a dimensional field that would pass through my skull and other organic material. She placed the shunt within that blue light and then guided it to the damaged area.  There, she positioned it continually examining the monitor and other related instrumentation.  I could see  everything she did via the monitor. When she had the shunt positioned where she wanted it - she turned off the penlight dropping the shunt into position.  

For the next 9 days, I'd be picked up and she'd examine the shunt and the blood flow. Every morning when I woke, the left side of my face would be sagging a little  but would straighten out by noon.  It was noted, during this period, that I would disappear from my bed at some point in the night - and could not be found anywhere in the house. Yet, come morning, I was back in bed.

The cause of the stroke tracks back to the implant which, it appears, increased my blood pressure and, over time, created a problem. The irony here is that my blood pressure has always been so 'low' that I barely registered as being alive. Heart attacks and vascular problems were not on the radar for me.

This was not the only anomaly that appeared. In 1996, I made my pilgrimage to a dentist and was informed I needed a root canal.
He shot me up with Novocain and opened the tooth to perform the procedure - but the nerves were still alive and active. He added more drug and it had no effect. He then put a drop of Novocain directly on the nerve. After I peeled myself  off the ceiling (it really hurt), I informed him that we were going to Plan B. He asked, "What is Plan B". I told him I'd get someone in to give me a general while he did the work.

Dentists are not licensed to give general's and Oral Surgeons (who are) don't do root canals. It followed I need to get both practitioners together  at the same time.  I located a surgeon down the street from the dentist and choreographed the event. The dentist was thrilled because he had never worked on a patient that was asleep but found it disconcerting that I'd open my eyes ever 15 minutes or so, look around the room, and then go back under. I didn't feel like explaining to him how conscious volition could be transferred into the soul.  In an case, I was able to get the tooth tended to. This was while I lived  in Los Angeles.

Canon City does not have an oral surgeon here but there is a fellow in Colorado Springs who comes here on the weekend every other week.
I am fortunate that I have a Dentist I affectionately call Painless. Again, I had a tooth that was giving me problems. My face was swollen with a significant amount of pain. Unfortunately, this hit on a weekend when he was out of town. He informed me I needed a root canal. I counter informed him of the prior situation in Los Angeles and the lack of an oral surgeon in town was problematical. It was not going to be possible to choreograph the same dance again. This left me with the choice of just having the molar pulled (under a general).

At this point, Old One stepped in. Given the long list of people who'd like to see me dead - he was not at all pleased with the idea of a general at this time. Whenever you use drugs to put you to sleep for surgery, there is a 1% chance you won't wake up. This number was higher  than he liked and he dispatched Laura to tend to the tooth. A root canal is performed to drill out the nerve in an otherwise healthy tooth.  Laura established a block to insure I didn't feel the pain. Today the truth is still in there and hanging on.

Early on in my relationship with this dentist, I informed him that he would very likely run into things with me that would go contrary to his knowledge and not to get his shorts in a bunch thinking he was a bad dentist - he isn't.  Today, I jokingly call the tooth my 'magic molar'.
Painless's education was paid for by the Seven Day Adventists upon the condition he  practice 'Medical Evangelism'.
In other words, providing services to those who couldn't afford them. Something I took to be a marvelous idea.