The Temporal Adjuster

The 'TA' is a very specialized angel from an exceptional, but lower caste, family of angels. They serve in the capacity of advisor, friend and companion during and through your journey within mortality. The universe calls them 'thought adjusters' and gives the erroneous impression they are the thought police set to control you. While this does speak to universal methodologies, it does not reflect the mission and practices of this angelic family.

The TA is known colloquially by a variety of names. Some say 'my spirit', others say 'guardian angel' while those who arrive by virtue of the Urantia Book will call them TA's.

The TA comes in two flavors, male and female. There is no set prescription for who gets what gender. Their task is to be there when you need that moment of inspiration, that good idea that you didn't think was yours and to give warnings when needed.

In my own case, my TA gave me a warning 'Deer in the road' as I approached a blind turn in a road going faster than I should have. I backed off on the gas and, sure enough, on the other side of the turn were several deer standing in the road. Were it not for the warning, I, my associates and the deer would have died or been seriously injured. Many many angel stories attributed to guardian angels are actually TA stories.

I'm going to give a means by which to gain contact with your personal TA. As each of us lives in our own evolutionary moment, some will benefit from this and others won't. Regardless, you don't need years of learning to meditate or to perform some spiritual hocus pocus. It's much easier than most imagine.

First realize that the 'voice' of the TA is not the result of any vocalization - it comes as a thought.
You are very very familiar with that voice as it has been with you always. So much so, you've frequently taken self credit for good ideas that were not yours. You should not enter into communications with the TA with any expectation. Instead, just follow your nose and see where it leads you.

Commonly, their presence will be in the left ear even though the ear itself isn't used. This isn't 100% but it is common.

Next, find yourself a comfortable chair and put your feet up on something. The idea here is to relax. The hard part of the exercise is in turning off your inner dialogue, that stream of com chatter that is usually passing through your brain.

First, close your eyes and pay particular attention to how much clutter is between your ears.
BE AWARE of it and pay attention to it to the degree that as each thought that has nothing to do with what you're attempting is to be brushed aside and discarded. Eventually, you'll become good at this and will be able to do, what I call, 'The Snap', where you just 'go there' without preparation.

As you progress through this quieting, you'll notice white or blue lights passing within the vision of your closed eyes. Point in fact, you aren't looking though your eyes but though those of the soul.

Yet, as of that moment - you have no control. We want to correct this.

As you are discarding the various unwanted thoughts coming through you, you'll also notice a relationship between the light and the frequency of the com chatter. The lights will be small and rapid. As you succeed in focusing only upon the task of contact with the TA, the lights will get larger and less frequent. So much so that when you achieve focus there will be only one light
filing your entire vision. It will be as a wall of light without boundaries or borders.
When this moment is achieved, you are standing within the boundaries of your own soul. It is there you'll find your TA. Announce yourself and ask for discourse.

The first two options the TA has to such a request is yes or no, anticipate neither and go with the flow. However, before you approach your TA, I'd strongly suggest you have a clear idea of what it is you want to talk about. Angels, in general, are not given to the aggrandizing of self indulgence.
Do not go with a list of blatantly stupid questions - you'll be ignored. Remember, the TA has been with you always - there are no secrets between you. I'd suggest you focus on spiritual issues.

Now each TA is different, each with their own personality. While one may appear to be a hard case, another might be more flexible. I'd allow that their reactions are, in large part, due to their long association with you - remember - they know you well.

This is the doorway into ultradimensional subjects; your own soul. It is not my place to usurp the job of the TA nor will I endeavor to do so now. They know you, individually, far better than I.
These instructions will bring those of you who are capable into the anteroom of Father's being,
your soul. There, the TA has greater license to interact with you for your arrival is a substantial evolutionary leap. "Knock and it shall be opened", "Don't and it won't".

Can you see them as if they were normal people? If they wish it, yes. Again, this assumes you've
reached the level of focus needed to enable vision.

If you can reach the quietude of your internal dialogue, I see no impediment to completion.