The Urantia Book

This book is the only of its kind on Earth. It's purpose was to inform those within mortality of the specific nature of the universe. The book is one of absolute truth. However, in true universal fashion, it is up to you and your own evolutionary moment as to whether you have the ability to 'see' that truth.

The universe has long practiced the philosophy of not casting pearls before swine. It is assumed that one who is possessed of sufficient evolutionary moment will have the wit to see what stares him in the face. So too it is with the Urantia Book.

The book is written in three parts. The first is simply an extract from the Book of Life. It tells the workings of the universal bureaucracy, and its various levels of function.

The second part is dedicated to the Lucifer Rebellion and the localized circumstances and conditions on Earth. It is filled with a wealth of opinions on what bad guys Lucifer and I were and how I've been deemed to be an evil beings.

The third section is a corrected Life Of Christ. One that adds considerable detail and dimension to his incarnation upon Earth. Yet, it still incomplete.

If you are a person who likes to tinker with things, you'll find the first part enjoyable. The second part of the book, and my interactions with the Creator Son in the third part, are the areas I will address now.

To see the UB in its proper context you must remove from its pages all that smacks of opinion. You can take all the opinions in creation, add them end to end and still you will not have arrived at one fact. Further, the authors of the various papers admit that they have been deprived of information and knowledge with regards to the acts of Caligastia. What they offer is their speculations and opinions as to my intents. Because this form is not based upon known substance, inadequacies in the presentation creep up subtly. It is between the cracks of the floor boards that the truth emerges.


The UB states that Planetary Princes who enter rebellion are deposed from their thrones and a caretaker planetary prince from the Melchezidek Family of Angels is installed in the interim.

Yet, I did not declare rebellion. I employed secession.

The UB states that Machieventa Melchezidek was installed as the Vice Regent Planetary Prince. He was. The vice regent is a position subordinate to mine own, thus I was not deposed nor could I have been. It speaks well to the universe's mentality that 'we have to do something' but, in fact, the position of vice regent is irrelevant and lacking in any power to get anything done. Furthermore, this move was made after I had entered mortality in 29 A.D. The real power on the planet rests in the hands of my next in command, Abaddon whom we affectionately call 'The One One'.


The UB states that I was present for the event called 'The Tempting On The Mount' and that I was with Satan. This is true, and while the rendition gives the impression that I was WITH Satan, I was not. We arrived to meet with the Creator Son separately and for different purposes. The words written are true, but left to the eyes of the reader to discern the truth.

In fact, it is a violation of protocol to intrude upon one's mortality until and unless they have awakened from the incarnative sleep. The event on the mount was Jesus' moment of awakening. Once completed, I was free to approach him. Whilst I have argument with many universal protocols, I do not take exception to all of them as many do serve good purpose.

Unfortunately, I was unable to conduct my business with the Creator Son that day. Satan's reprehensible behavior precluded my approach as the Son was severely traumatized by the viciousness of his  assaults. Instead, I stood witness to the deed not involving myself. The Son is what He is, and his ability to endure was never in question and my help was not needed.


Relating to the crucifixion of Jesus, the UB states that not even the Prince of Darkness could bear to watch. By the time Jesus was to have reached Golgotha, I had already entered into mortality. This reflected the needs of the timeline and my desire for security from universal manipulations. It was done after consultation with the Son and in agreement with him. The reference to the prince of darkness is universal speak for 'the prince has entered the incarnative darkness' (mortality). It is true though, I did not wish to bear witness to the brutality of his murder and am grateful I was spared this moment.

A timeline is not only a measurement of time. It reflects the relationship between the possessor of that timeline and his lifeline. TIME and CREATION are the result of life not the other way around. Thus a timeline and a lifeline are one and the same.

I disclosed information to the Creator Son that I had withheld from the universe. After consultation we came to agreement with regards to a course of action. It was agreed that the Son would subordinate himself to my timeline by remaining within mortality after his sojourn as Jesus. This served as an insurance policy against universal meddling. If He and I do not return from mortality together, the timeline collapses. It would then be 29 A.D., Rome would be the ruler of the Western World, and Jesus would once again be headed to the butchery that ended his life as Jesus. No one, neither I nor universe, wish to see him go through this again. Jesus told you, "I will be with you always, even unto the end of time". He spoke truly, for he has been here in the flesh ever since and has served great service to the First Cause. He has lived three Messianic incarnations, Jesus, Mohammed and Quezequadal (to the Maya and Toltecs).

We are amongst you now.