The Posting Forum and Non Ascendants

This is an open letter to the person who calls himself 'Wizard'.

Wizard arrives in the posting forum with the same old compliment of non ascendant behaviors as have others of his ilk before him.  He assumes, incorrectly, that no one has the eyes to see through his act and doesn't have the slightest idea that the people who frequent my forum have clear eyes and rational minds. It is an amazement to me that such people arrive, show their asses, and 'believe' no one can see them for what they are.

Wizard, like other of his ilk, believe this:

"I'm screwed up - but that's okay - you're more screwed up than I am".

Following the stated premise, Wiz must establish repeatedly that he is better than you, or in this case, me.

To this end, there is no degree of logic, reason or fact that will suffice to reach through the gray matter to make any sort of connection. Point if fact, reason has nothing to do with anything and a search for truth is merely a pretext to paint a face other than the one that is true.

Wiz says he's looking for 'my truth'. Normally, I point to the irrational nature of the statement in that there is no such thing as my truth or your truth, there is only 'THE TRUTH".

Those who follow this ideology believe that its all about them. Were God to appear before Him, he'd assume that God were more screwed up than he. Such people are self absorbed and self centered taking with both hands and rarely putting anything back. They are parasites.  In the extreme, such people are frequently labeled sociopaths. People exist only for what they can take from them - and no more. Conversely, they excuse their own fornications with a myriad of rationalizations which apply only to them and not to others. They have two sets of rules, one for themselves and a different set for others.

Forum posters like Wizard, employ a finite number of behaviors and for anyone being there long enough, these usually show themselves in the very first posting.

No matter what logic is placed before the individual, they spin off of it (ignoring it) coming back with some wise ass comment they think clever. They don't realize that other's have seen them drop their drawers and the imagery of the vertical smile is far from glorius. Yet, they'll keep on trucking in the same vein until they realize that no one is going to grant them the attention they think they're entitled to and no one wants to play. The users on HQ's Forum know - its about service to the Father and not about them. They are not the center of the universe 'and' they're ok with that. Wizard won't be. There is no love of self or others in Wizard's proposition. For Wiz, love is nothing more than a four letter word and 'do good - be good' will never be implemented as they want to know what they'll be paid in advance of the doing. With such people, everything is a for profit transaction.

As he's deemed me to be his counterpoint, its appropriate to say this:

I stand in service to the Father for Love of Him and not for anything  I think I might get from Him. If there are poor moments in the journey, I'll endure because I know there is a greater good and a higher purpose at the end of it. It's not about 'me'.

People like Wizard condemn themselves to two Hells. The one in which they currently reside, and the one to come. Each are of his/her own making. This path has many names; cynicism, self destruction and despair are but a few. People like Wizard are pitiable. Yet, unless or until they change - there is nothing that can be done for them. Caligastia's first rule applies here.
Don't waste your time with idiots. Nothing given can be valued, thus there is nothing of value to give. Except, of course, to waste your time.