To Arms - To Arms

The Communist's are making their moves at the conquest of the United States. Their leadership in the Congress requires no listing .  A detailed record also exists of those who compose the legal arm of the Communist Party in the United States.

It should be noted that the A.C.L.U guards their membership listing never releasing the complete roster of their miscreants. Never the less, their trail is well recorded  within the case law of this country along with their plans to destroy God, Family and Country.

Now comes the move against the Second Amendment. Seventy years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution meant that every citizen had the right to bear arms. The arguement (then) was that it meant only state militias could bear arms and not individuals. The court of that era ruled in favor of the people. Now comes the same arguement again but, this time, before a court system that has been infiltrated by Communist (activist) judges and the Communists seek to disarm the nation. This in preparation for the forcible establishment of a totalitarian regime.

The Second Amendment was given to us by our founding Fathers as a guarantee of protection against the very government that was supposed to serve us. They knew, that in the event the government corrupted, the only fail safe possible would be at the end of the gun.

There is no guarantee that the Supreme Court will actually uphold the Constitution. It is judicious of each person to buy their guns now, if they don't already have them. Buy them from private parties and consider that Hitler required registration of guns as a first step to their confiscation.  It is axiomatic that only honest people register their weapons and it is those honest people who are the targets. You'll also want to stock up on a good supply of ammunition or other accessories. These will disappear quickly.

What happens next - is up to the government. Charlton Heston said it eloquently that they'd take 'his' gun from his cold dead fingers.