The Son's Prophecy

Three years ago, The Son, was advised, by angelic communication, of this difficult period of time. He was told that he would go into the desert, very angry and that he'd have incorrectly placed his ire onto the wrong people. He would, for a time, be blinded but could work his way out of it.

Three months ago, it was given to me to tell him the following:

"There will come a time when you will very much need my help. To date, whenever you've called, I've come running. This time, I won't. Not because I don't want to but because Father says not.
When this time comes, go back to basics - Who Am I - What do I serve."

Service to the truth requires admittance of it. One can not serve that which is true (Father) and, at the same time, be in denial of Him, the ultimate truth.

These things were said to The Son in advance of the fact so that when came the time, he'd know the truth of the moments he currently endures. It serves purpose for the rest of us to reflect upon our relationships with the truth.