Two Roads

In dealing with life - there are two possible roads. On the first, you assume that people are mostly bad and that they will screw you to the wall in a heart beat. This road leads to cynicism and the abyss called despair. The second road assumes that people are basically good, that integrity means something and true love is a possibility. At the end of this road is hope.

Despair is a dark place that few people survive. It is totally devoid of hope and those reaching it usually commit suicide. Few manage to scratch and claw their way out of it. Where we place our focal point of belief determines which road we've chosen to travel. One road leaves a door open for possibilities whilst the other permanent closes out the potentialities of goodness.
This does not suggest that anyone travel life stupidly. Regardless,  if we choose to travel a road that ends in life, the possibility of life exists. If we choose the road of despair and death - the end speaks for itself.