To the Urantia Foundation

March 3, 2000

Director and Trustees
Urantia Foundation
533 W. Diversey Parkway
Chicago, Illinois

Re:  Gabriel v. Caligastia


Pursuant to the above referenced indictment noted in your book, I offer
to stand and answer with regards to the parameters of this alleged
prosecution. Furthermore, I hold the Urantia Foundation culpable
for the mindless and willful dissemination of slanderous untruths,
half truths and/or misrepresentations of fact directed against my person.
The Urantia Foundation, by its active promotion and profit of the
words of the Urantia Book is deemed to be qualified to act as
universal prosecutor.

As noted in your book, I have refused to stand and answer for the
commission of non-existent crimes in the past and will continue to
do so in the future. I will, however, as a granting to the Son's
and Daughters of the Earth, do so now for the sole purpose of bringing
the truth to light.

Two forums for this trial are offered.

1. Via telephone
2. Via personal appearance at my residence in Canon City, Colorado.

Trial to be recorded for broadcast on my internet web site and/or via
a medium chosen by the Urantia Foundation subject to the condition that
no fee be charged to the public for access to the recordings.

I am yours in Father's Name,

Caligastia, Lanonandek Son 9344 Second Order
The Prince of This World.

March 17, 2000 update.

No response from the Urantia Foundation. I predict the following.

After a period of quietude, the foundation will formulate a full fledged assault (via words) adding a level of venom equal to, and probably surpassing, their universal progenitors. The attacks generating from them will be dirty and prolonged. I do not anticipate they will square off with me face to face. Instead, they will launch their missiles from Chicago and via willing cohorts.
They will attempt to stand as Gabriel to my Lucifer. Unfortunately, they'll have little understanding that both parties, Lucifer and Gabriel, were possessed of a high degree of civility and respect for the other even though in disagreement. They will show themselves as prime exemplars of just what the universe is.

The Urantia Foundation is, in my opinion, a mini bureaucracy. I deem their first order of interest as being their own continuity,
followed by their profit margin. Their history of filing lawsuits against those running afoul of their interests speaks to their desire to protect their monetary interests. The Urantia Book is a product to be manufactured, bought and sold just as is any other commodity. Those who find value in the words elevate it to a plane higher than a commercial item. The foundation promotes this elevation through 'study groups' wherein the deceptions of the work can be discussed, evaluated and glorified to a purpose greater than reason might allow.

I will indulge the war they will declare upon me. In the doing of it, truth will become apparent to many.

July 22, 2000

As you can see, some time has passed between the offering made to the Urantia Foundation and now with no response being proffered. One might infer the following in all or part.

1. As far as the Foundation and its alleged 'revelation', they do not appear to have the strength of conviction to  stand
forth and to defend to the merits, or lack thereof, of their purported 'revelation'.

2. They are an organization concerned foremost with its own profit margins and continuity. If truth factors into the equation
at all, it is of lesser importance than the bottom line.

3. "It's no my job, mon". While they can proffer, export, print, pander, and profit from the sales of universal propaganda,
when it comes time to be accountable for their actions - they claim - "Hey, we didn't write the book".

4. If #3 is valid, then the foundation is also a liar in as much as they claim copyrights based on unique authorship before
the courts of the land. Both propositions can not simultaneously be true. It follows that a deceit is present.

5. If the so called 'true believers' indulge lies following the dictates and practices detailed in their book, it follows that the sourcing of that material is equally based upon deceit. The tree is known by its fruit.

6. At the very least, the Urantia Book is a con job promoted by con-artists for their own self aggrandizement. Their obvious lack of conviction, some might also call cowardice, is apparent in their lack of action. How great then are their masters who must hide behind dimensional blinds taking advantage of the spiritual gullibility of earth's populations?

7. The book and the foundation ignore one very important fact. Father's messengers are always sent in the flesh and in your face. The book attaches itself to the Bible as a continuing work but, conveniently, ignores this overriding fact. As such the Book can not be a revelation from Father then anyone promoting it as such is either a fool or a liar.

8. The book tells you - 'no updates'. Ergo, it was dead on arrival. It is no less dead now than it was on the day of its first printing.

9. These facts are known by the Urantia Foundation and if they don't know them - they should have.


The proofs are in the putting. Neither the universe nor the Urantia Foundation ever considered a skin suit awakening of Caligastia. So much print is dedicated to mine own vilification, without benefit of evidence, one might allow that a real
truth seeker would welcome the opportunity to seek out those truths. Such is not the case. The book speaks for itself.
Its contradictions are many. Its factual representations do not line up with its opinions. It promotes the idea that slavery
is a good thing if the word 'holy' is placed in front of it. It identifies a fascist, repressive and totalitarian government that does
not serve the interests of its populations. It labels those who seek to better themselves beyond the circumstances of their birth as ego-centric and self aggrandizing. Any one who questions the status quo is deemed rebellious or mentally unstable and subject to summary imprisonment after the pretext of a hearing. The universal mindset is well known within the limits of
Earth history. Adolph Hitler being their best/worst example and operative with the Spanish Inquisition running a close second.

The Urantia Foundation may think that in ignoring the offering made, I will go away. Instead, it is the Foundation who will be leaving. When Father's truths becomes apparent, in the flesh and in your face, the lie will and its structures will not prevail.
The Foundation and its book will quickly become irrelevancies relegated to the trash heap of failed cults.

Their Days are numbered few.

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