Current Related Ufo Sightings

Including Jackie and myself, there are ten people directly connected to HQ. Four of us have had ufo sightings within the last three weeks and one has been abducted.

Keith drove from Canada to meet with me in Canon City. Upon his return home he reported he woke up in a state of 'paralysis'. He commented, 'That's something I haven't felt for a long time'. Keith was not officially on board with HQ at the time and he was bagged for the neglible amount of intelligence value he might have. He was not harmed nor were there any genetic intentions.

Allie has twice seen fast, low flying ufos from her porch in South Africa within this three week period.

Jackie and I were on our way out to visit the Gatekeeper and she noticed a ufo paralleling us as I navigated
an off road goat path.  A large 'green meteor' was seen in the same time frame as our encounter here in Colorado.. Incidentally, this was Jackie's first sighting.

Josie and Rob have also had a sighting in New York.

When you consider that most people never see one of these and five out of our ten have had instances in a very short period of time, it begs the question of why.

As soon as they show their backsides, Old One and Planetary Forces are on them. Green meteors are ufos being shot down. So, what has inspired them to come out of cover? Beats me but the price of the indulgence is high.

Given these facts, all of HQ's staff now have around the clock security assigned to them. Keith's event won't happen again.