Old One Under Fire

Three days past, my sleep was disturbed with a dream of warfare, attack and explosions. I wakened knowing that something had happened. Shortly thereafter, an associate called concerned for my safety as she had had a similar disturbing dream. A second associate checked in to report he had a similar nocturnal event. This is what has happened.

The universe made an attempt to seize The Old One. His ship, a two hundred a fifty footer,
was attacked and shot down. On the ground it was boarded by an assault force, many died.
His crew fought bravely but were unable to hold their ground. The assailants did not recognize Old One. They expected the scarred and aged man he has been for a long time. They didn't know Father had restored him to a younger man.

Using a combination of soul fire and light weapons Abaddon fought. He did not prevail, was captured, and seriously injured by a light weapons blast to the left side of his body. At this moment, Father reached down and pulled him out of the clutches of the universal assailants.
Laura has successfully treated his injuries and he's on the mend.

I asked Father for guidance in this matter and he told me to refer back to the words of Nostradamus. I did.

I am using my decoding method as previously published here on the web site.

Century X

Verse 66

The chief of London
The Isle of Scotland will be tried
King and Reb
That he will place them
Through the realm of America
by frost
will face an Anti-Christ so false
in the conflict all together.

(This describes NATO's involvement in Serbia. An interesting quirk of the verse is that Nostradamus named America two hundred years before it came into existence.

Verse 67

A mighty trembling
Saturn In Capricorn
Venus also
Hail will fall
in the month of May
Jupiter and Mercury in Venus
Cancer, Mars in Virgo
larger than an egg.

(A 6.1 earthquake occurred recently in Japan. Hail the size of eggs fell in the U.S. the week of 5/7/99.
I've plotted out the celestial configurations to discover that Mars, Mercury and Venus are in position. However, Jupiter and Saturn are not. I have noted that the connect the dots of the situation forms a map when overlaid on a star chart. This particular map is known to me and I can not speak of it at this moment. However, it is important. The Jupiter and Saturn aspects relate to off world universal concerns.)

Verse 68

The army of the sea
Then it will leave
A great flock of citizens
Fleet to return
will stand before the city
without making a long passage
will be seized on land
to seize it great robbery

(Again referring to the Nato involvement in Serbia)

Verse 69

The shining deed of the old one
Through the South and Aquilon (north)
Raised by his own sister
Exalted anew
they will be very great
great crowds
murder in in the thicket of Ambellion (Rebellion)

(Here Old One is named. Laura, our healer, has raised him from his injuries. The work Ambellion is a red herring and should have been written as rebellion. However, for political concerns of the time, not the least of which was the Inquisition, one can understand how Nostradamus chose to disguise it. Again, Nostradamus NAMES The Old One.

Verse 70

Through an object
Burning so much
The fields watered
As the primate succumbs
They will swell very much
that the snow will fall
will come to shrink
At Reggio

(Old One's injuries (burns) are referenced as is the fact that he possesses a corpus that can be injured.

Verse 71

The earth and air
When they will come
That which will be
From the four parts
will freeze a very great sea
to venerate Thursday
never was it so fair
they will come to honor it.

(This verse has yet to come to pass and, I believe, references the point of my exit from mortality and my return as Caligastia. Time will be frozen in place. Nostradamus says it will fall on a Thursday.

Verse 72

The year 1999
From the sky will come
To bring back to life
Before and after Mars
seventh month
a great King of Terror
The Great King of the Mongols
to reign by good luck.

(This is the verse that predicts my return from mortality)

The Son, as Jesus, was asked when was the time of his return. He replied that no one knew the date or time, only Father. So too it is with these events, He does not know nor do we. We placed our faith in Father long ago and we await his word.

Regardless, he has allowed clues to be placed before us and we look at them with expectation.

It is also noteworthy that Mars is now at its closest orbital approach to the Earth.

The Universe's attack upon The Old One was unprovoked and it is not the first such effort to damage The Earth, its populations or its guardians. The protocols for war are now, and have been, well established. Regardless, I have held my counsel and no declaration of conflict has, as yet, been issued. This too awaits Father's word.