The War In Heaven
Revelation does not give the details and specifics of just how the war in heaven starts.  It does say that the Son will have left for 1,260 days during which time Michael and his angels will battle Satan and his angels.  It does not give voice to the 'prelude' which occurs with the universe itself. As of this date, 6/7/1998, these are the prevaling conditions.

Two weeks ago, I was approached by an agency during a camping trip. I had been advised in advance that this particular agency had an expectation of intercepting me during this weekend. I had forgotten that I had actually made plans to attend this camping weekend and had to be reminded that I had indeed scheduled the event. This agency (not to be named) sent three men, two human and one hybrid. I was surprised, to some degree, that they had chosen to make their approach using our standard methodologies. Instead of walking up to us and saying 'Hi', their Nord attached to a fellow in a near by camp about midnight. This gentleman had already gone to bed yet found himself motivated to waken , get dressed and walk to our camp.

There were nine or ten of us sitting around a fire telling humorous stories. The gentleman was known to one of our number and joined us. Immediately, he began talking of ufos. I had anticipated an easy identification of the agency's representative. Let's face it, people don't just walk up to you and start talking about this subject out of the blue. As he did this, Old One chose the moment to make a very literal and visible statement. A Green Meteor streaked across the sky. This, however, was not a meteor. It was a ship being shot down. I pointed it out and said,

"There's another unwanted guest ending his stay with us".
The 'Meteor' did not have a tail. It was a perfectly green circle. The green color comes when the power supply for the ufo is set afire. The lack of a tail, as is often reported with the sightings of green meteors, indicated an exceptionally clean shot.

The point of the meeting soon become obvious. My service and my loyalty is to my own, the earth. These were the concerns.

I now travel in the company of a person who I have assisted in becoming dimensionally conversant. She has been able to bring her latent abilities to the foreground with record speed. For a variety of reasons, many of the nomadic nordic groups found her an agreeable and trustworthy personality not given to deceit.

I had for many months broadcasted an offer of association. Whilst I could not let these nomadic nords leave the planet, the moment where in I could no longer tolerate their presence was rapidly approaching. I deemed the only possible solution to the dilemma was to allow those who wished to associate with the House of Caligastia the opportunity. In the doing, they will have divorced themselves of all prior allegiance and accepted association with my rule. I felt, under the circumstances, that this was a very generous offer. It served to take them off the firing line and not be part of the 'problems' I was eventually going to have to deal with. Regardless, not one accepted the accommodation and I was at a loss to fathom why.

My associate, Jacki, became the well spring for that information. She had been approached by a nordic captain and queried with regards to her opinions of me etc. It became clear he wished to accept the offer but was being threatened by other parties to the contrary. He arranged a meeting, on the circuits, with perhaps one hundred other captains. There he stated his case, logic and reason for wishing to associate. Following this meeting he went into hiding.  Not from me, but from others who were at that meeting. It became clear  he was unaware that many of that group had other agendas and his open and honest approach was not well received.

Using these facts, I determined that universal ships, trapped inside the ring, were using nords who had agreed to associate with them to bully and intimidate those who did wish to accept the offer of association. The question of how to get them out from between the rock and the hard place became paramount. Old One and I devised a plan which was implemented by Jacki.

The day following our meeting, Jacki sent a message, a general broadcast.

"Those wishing to associate with Caligastia, run for our home base, you will be protected, so speaks Caligastia."

Over the mountains around where we were camped, several hundred ships had parked themselves during that weekend. To be sure, the average human could not have seen them, but to those with dimensional ability is was obvious. When Jacki's message was sent, you could feel the vacuum that was created as they hit the afterburners heading for South America. Jacki reported a similar message being received from the various ships, "We're Going".

The issue here is one of status. Those who accepted the offer of association knew that their act of going to the base constituted association. The offer of protection reflected the fact that once associated they were one of ours. If you fire on one of us, you fire on all of us.

Old One had positioned a contingent of  standard configuration ufos with a large detachment of Defiant Class war ships around the perimeters of the base to guide them in and to provide protection. It turned out to be unnecessary. The universe had been caught with its pants down. The exercise was flawless. Over one thousand ships and crews accepted the offer of association. Jacki's nord, whom we call Raymond, reported back that he was thrilled with his new circumstances. For the first time in a long time, he did not begin each day worrying about who was going to try to kill him and his people.

At this moment, we then withdrew all of our ships into their bases. With one exception, we've not put one craft in the air since then. We knew the universal forces would be furious  their intimidations, via their mercenaries, had failed. We further reasoned that if they were to make good on their threats they would attack when we did send ships out from their bases.

The universe's goal here is simple. To crash the timeline and to destroy every man woman and child on this planet via a two thousand year temporal loop. You may recall that when I entered mortality, I insisted upon an insurance policy. The Son agreed to subordinate his timeline to mine own. If we do not return from here together, the line collapses and it becomes 29 A.D. once again. I reasoned that universal miscreance would not rise (or sink) to the degree they would attack the Son Himself. I was wrong. This is exactly what they are attempting to do.

It would be a violation of a protocol for Old One to come for us himself. Instead, I had engineered into the line two dimensional doors at the creek area. However, a D-door is no guarantee of safe travel. They can be interfered with. Thus we would need to have that door well guarded AND protected against interference OR we would need a non aligned entity to pick us up. The nords who've accepted association are connected to me personally, not to Old One or Earth forces. Old One's groups are also connected to me, but not with each other. The structure in place allowed for two avenues of escape from mortality. However, push come shove, we always have a third available, Father. It serves best purpose to do this ourselves.

At my suggestion, Old One asked for a volunteer from the new associations to be the first to venture from base. As Raymond had shown the greatest degree of intellect and courage, I asked Old One to approach him with this dangerous proposition. Not surprisingly Raymond accepted.

Several days ago, Raymond and a crew of four ventured from the portals of home base. The universal response was not long in coming. They fired upon and downed the ship. All aboard survived the crash. The universe, knowingly and deliberately established the protocol for war. The choice to accept and pursue that war is now within my discretion.

It took Old One several days to interview the crews and to inspect these ships. Naturally, we had  concerns over infiltrators. During this period, I was approached by a group of nords who had not accepted the offer of association. They indicated that they now wished to accept association. Suspicious, I asked why. They gave no good answer. I queried again as to how I would ever be able to trust them. They asked me what level of proof I needed. My response was, "Find your own integrity". They left.

Immediately, in what appeared to be a well planned attack, they flew amidst their own fellows. One hundred of their ships opened fire on those who welcomed them as friends. The attack was swift and brutal. Two hundred nordic ships and crews were destroyed. I am certain earth based satellites and sensing devices recorded these energy eruptions in the atmosphere.

Soon they returned to me and said, "See, we can be trusted we have attacked and destroyed thine enemies". I asked them how many universal ships were in the count of those destroyed. Their reply was, "none". I commented, "I said discover your integrity not to commit murder. The request for association is declined." It is axiomatic that no traitor is ever trustworthy.

The playing field is now well notated, there are only two forces, The Universe and Earth Forces. All nomadic nords are either associated with me or with them. There are no fence sitters in the equation. Yet, do we not have one personality upon the earth who is empowered to take charge and control of these universal forces? Yes, The Son.

In his first act as the Universal Regent, since his official bestowal following his incarnation as Jesus, the Son approached the leader of the universal group here. It came as a surprise to me that their leader was none other than Alginon. This Archangel had been one of Gabriel's elite one hundred. The core group which surrounds and serves Gabriel's interests as  regent pro tem in Michael's absence from the universe.

Alginon had committed acts of sabotage against one of our concerns and had Gabriel been able to get his hands on this traitor he'd surely have had his head on a platter. Alginon had, unfortunately, made his way to earth, most likely slipping in during the brief door that had been opened in the ring for the planetary prince meeting in early 1997.

The Son confronted Alginon upon his own ship. Alginon, it seems, had established himself a cult and those angelic forces trapped here within the ring and looked to him as a quasi-diety. He had given them the idea that he was in direct communication with Father. The truth is Father speaks not to the universe or the rebellion. As one born to a high caste, the 'followers' looked to him as comes something that is natural and expected. Furthermore, it seems that Alginon was indulging in delusions of godhood. He'd built himself a golden throne and held audience with his minions in this fashion.

The Son came before him and queried him to his intents and purposes. Alginon had constructed a theory that I had corrupted the Son and, as such, he held no allegiance to Him. It is a well known fact that in the history of creation, no Son has ever been corrupted NOR is it even  a possibility. Regardless, it was in this fashion  Alginon spoke his rationalizations as to why he rejected the Son.

The Son appraised the situation correctly and determined that Alginon had created a cult to promote the worship and deification of Alginon. He further reasoned that removing him from his 'throne' would serve to cause the disintegration of the group.

The Son is endowed with great powers. Abilities he has rarely deemed it necessary to use. Standing before Alginon and his throne, he encased the errant archangel in an energy field and then tied that field to Father. Immediately, he was sucked up to the ring where he remains alert, imprisoned and immobilized. Before leaving the ship, The Son reconstructed Alginon's golden throne into a golden cross and left it as a reminder to his followers lest they again forget from whence the power of God emanates.

The followers spent the next twenty four hours discussing means by which they might liberate Alginon from the ring. Their eventual determination was one of impossibility. Now the ball rests in their court. Will they continue to promote Alginon's plan? They still reject the leadership of the Son and it seem likely they will continue to the next step in their poor plans, a personal attack on me. They view me as the influence who has corrupted the Son of God. Lacking in their belief is any basis of fact, only ideas that serve to explain and rationalize their own poor status. Regardless, their logic demands that should they succeed in an assault on me, thus removing me from the imagined control of  The Son, he would be inclined to take their position. We will see.