The Ghost Lie Continues - The Latest Installment

Those who have followed this web site, and actually read it, are well aware of who and what I say I am and I've provided significant detailing and evidence to the point. At best, a reader may consider the material and allow for the possibility of truth.
At worst, one would consider me deluded.

During the course of my journey I crossed paths with Robert Ghostwolf and, as I have made effort to document the journey as it unfolds, he has a tale within the tale.Ghostwolf History
The reader may peruse the material and judge the man as they will. Additionally, there is a radio show interview with his former significant, Judi Koteen, other wherein she tells a horrible tale of abuse at the hands of this man. You will likely, as did I, grant the woman the credibility of first hand experience with a thief and a man who abuses women and children.  Radio show

Ghostwolf is a con-artist who works the 'short con'. His attention span is generally limited to whomever he is attempting to fool at the moment. As such, he can't keep his lies straight and his story morphs from telling to telling. All policemen are trained to spot this as a signal of untruthfulness. However, the short con mentality also recognizes that few people track his movements and lacking the perspective of consistent exposure, would be unaware of prior instances of untruthfulness. HQ, however, has tracked and collected this man's history, his words, his representations and his lies. In truth, I doubt that Ghostwolf could find his own backside with both hands and a road map. He can, however, find yours - particularly if there a wallet involved.

Ghostwolf is circling the drain and close to being flushed. His books no longer sell as they did when Art Bell was pandering for him and he is currently self publishing through Trafford Publishing in Canada.

Unlike Ghostwolf's web tripe, HQ doesn't change. Papers published are left in tact and not reworked to conceal some previous deception, or removed. As Ghostwolf's story changes from telling to telling - his web site changes with it. I will note, as a technical point of clarity, that I have gone through some of the papers on HQ making spelling corrections. Regardless, the substance remains unaltered.

This is Bobby's latest

 The truth be told there is a man that foes by several AKA's Robert Burgess_ and likes to call himself Caligastia who is non other than' the Son of Lucifer' The planetary Prince...  He's been there in the valley, in fact he lives near there.  A Ute Indian showed him the place once many years ago.  That's about as far as his story goes.  He's tried to claim my photos are his, and that I deprived him of proper recognition to the site and its discovery.   Well I never said I discovered it for one.  Second, the Utes call this place their own.   Third, he never discovered it himself .   I don't think much more needs t be said about the matter.   Use your own discernment, but if you should stumble upon the place... bring some holy water, he may just show up.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

Ghostwolf recently added the title of Dr. to his con job stating that he has a Ph.D. in Biblical Archeology. Naturally, the impression is that he dropped a few bucks on a diploma mill. He has yet to show us that he even has a high school diploma,
or a BA, or a Master's Degree from an accredited university. Now he holds himself out as a Reverend. Some people can purchase a doctor of divinity from 'mill' concerns just as other non technical degrees can.  I'd challenge Mr. Ghostwolf to prove these credentials.  Given a documented history of lies, deceit and fraud, it is difficult to take him at his word on any thing. So Bobby, produce the documentation and I'll be happy both to publish it here on HQ and eat crow in the bargain.

Consistent with Ghostwolf's practice of slandering people - he paints me as representing myself to be Lucifer's Son. The name Lucifer is sufficient to cause negative knee-jerk reactions. However, any reader of HQ will note I've never said any such thing.
It follows that Ghostwolf's representations are , again and again, false.

On the Art Bell Show, on multiple occasions, Ghostwolf was credited as the' Discoverer of the Sphinx'. Now he says he never took credit for my work or discoveries AND I didn't discover it either. Poor Bobby. You should have heeded the lessons of HQ. The journey has been well documented - step by step - this includes the discovery - publication of the fact - with photos and many witnesses long before I invited you out here in February of 1998. While you have three stolen phones from me, I have hundreds of photos in albums and boxes - only a few of which have been published on the web. The beauty of the Lair is that when it changes - it marks the moment in time with a temporal stamp appearing on the backs of many of the photographs.
A nice feature added by the people who process the film. It is also noteworthy that the Coast to Coast Radio Show has, for years, sold copies of your interviews with Art Bell. So, again, the trail and the record exists.

There is a reason I am dogging, tracking and recording Ghostwolf's actions and it isn't because I'm aggravated he stole from me.
This man has a very inglorious future ahead of him. One that he will embrace with a horror the world has seen before. Those who said 'never again' were wrong. He is referenced in the Revelation Code as the 'basest of men'. His short con isn't going to float on the ocean of truth and history that precedes him.