It's a Wonderful Life!

Within the Hall of Souls there is a place which I call, for lack of a better name, The Lost Souls Room. In this place are those who were so burdened with guilt at the end of a lifetime that they refused to accept judgment and became stuck into a delusional world of their own creation neither moving forward nor backwards.

My Dad died in the 1970's. Following his death I looked in on him and discovered that he was in the Lost Souls Room. He had placed himself inside a cave. There were others in there with him and the mouth of the cave was blocked by a wall of fire which prevented him from leaving. I looked around, sized up the situation and informed him that none of this was a reality but a fiction of his own creation. I took him by the hand and led him over to the wall of fire. On the other side, two robed angels were waiting for him. I said, "watch". Letting go of his hand, I walked through the flames and back again. He was unmoved and his fear held him rigid to the idea that he couldn't do this.

My Dad was a man who, in spite of a third grade education, had been successful in life and business. He made friends easily and was liked by most who knew him. To me, he was an excellent parent and was possessed of a very rare commodity, unconditional love.

He'd been raised as a Hellfire and Brimstone Baptist and that imagery led him to the creation of this Purgatory/Hell he now endured. In truth, however, his guilt was beyond reason. He had no way of knowing how many people's lives he touched upon and the great amount of good he performed. He was, by nature, a kind and helpful person. Yet, he focused now only upon the his mistakes and poor deeds without perspective to the totality of his life.

Realizing that I could not move him from his delusion, I shrugged my shoulders at the two angels and thought that he might eventually get out of this hole he'd dug for himself.

I have in the last few days been spending a great deal of time with Old One. We've discussed many things, reviewed plans, agendas and the like. During the course of our conversations, I brought up the Lost Souls Room and my Dad.
He informed me that he was still there, now  in 1998.  I was aghast. In the many things I've done these last few years the one thing I had given no consideration to was the status of my Dad or the other lost souls. Were this a universal reality, they'd have simply been written off. Now, Old One, I and Jacki, discussed what might be done for these poor people.

Two nights past, I entered the delusion my Dad had created for himself. It had changed. Before, there had been other people in the cave with him. Now he was totally alone with the wall of fire still blocking egress. He saw me and came to me. I asked him why he was still there and he pointed to the fire. I placed a chair in front of him and told him to sit. He did. It was my intent that what I was about to do would be done for all the lost souls, and so it was. Chairs appeared in all of their individual hells and they sat in them.

I then removed my Dad from his delusion. It would be a violation of protocol to have taken his delusion from him. This, only he could do. Instead, I placed it upon a movie screen to the left and in front of us so he could continue viewing this hell he had created for himself. Then, I placed the truth and the true timeline information on a screen to the right of his delusion. There, side by side he had a choice of what he wanted to be a part of.

I instructed him to view my life and to examine how much better off I was for having known him.  His demeanor improved. I then instructed him to follow the lines of contact that had occurred between him and others and to 'see' how their lives had been improved. Here also, he examined the poor deeds of his life BUT this time within the context of a total truth. He came to understand that he was not the bad person he'd imagined .

I asked him what he wished to do with the fire that blocked his exit. He cringed at the thought of walking through it. I asked him if he was afraid it would kill him. He nodded yes. I said, "Dad, you're already dead, it can't hurt you". With that thought he said, "You're right, I never thought of that".

I took his hand and together we walked through the fires of delusion. When we did, the entirety of his nightmare ceased and we appeared before Old One who was smiling. I introduced my Dad to him and left him in the Old Guy's care. It was not over. As we stood there people began appearing all over the place. I asked Old One for the count, his answer was 'thousands upon thousands upon thousands'.

For me, this was a rich and rewarding moment. I am aware of no other time that a lost soul of this genre has been salvaged. It was a small effort on my part but one which performed  considerable service.

The lesson of this moment is clear. Self-forgivenss is a key to ascension. One who burdens himself with unreasonable guilt locks himself into a hell of his own creation. One which is hard to penetrate. Don't get me wrong, guilt is a necessary and good thing, a product of conscience. However, taken to its extreme it is unreasonable and destructive. I encourage the reader to review their lives and give thought to the good you've done. If you find you've not faired well in this analysis, there is still time to tip the scales through service to your fellows. How can one ask Father's forgiveness if they can't even forgive themselves?